SPUNGING-House, the sheriff’s officer’s household, where inmates, whenever arrested getting debt, are sometimes pulled

SPUNGING-House, the sheriff’s officer’s household, where inmates, whenever arrested getting debt <a href="https://lovingwomen.org/no/blog/ukrainske-datingsider/">https://lovingwomen.org/no/blog/ukrainske-datingsider/</a>, are sometimes pulled

“For the reason that tight area, where any people off Jizz Create find it a difficult matter to obtain drunk.” Peter Pindar, we., 245.

SPUNKS, lucifer fits.-Herefordshire; Scotland. Cum , claims Urry, inside the MS. cards to Ray, “is the excrescency of some forest, from which they generate sort of tinder so you’re able to light its water pipes with.”

Square, honest; “on the Square ,” i.e., fair and you can purely honest; “to show Square ,” in order to reform, as well as have an individual’s located in an honest fashion,-the opposite away from Mix .

Strike portrayed our house of Hudson, “the latest Train King,” at the Albert Door, with an excellent STAG involved, within the allusion compared to that name.

STAG, observe, discover, otherwise check out,-instance good STAG on gaze; “ STAG the force,” look at the crowd. As well as, so you’re able to dun, otherwise consult commission.

Staggering BOB, an animal so you can exactly who the knife only needs dying regarding absolute disease or crash,-said regarding animal meat thereon account not fit to own people eating.

Appears Their Cup, disappear completely; verbal dramatically of the any one who wishes to clean out a disruptive or inconvenient individual.

Stand, “to stand cure,” to cover a great pal’s activities; so you can happen costs; to hold with medication, an excellent or unwell; “which house Stood me personally within the ?1,000,” we.e., cost that sum; “to face Pad ,” so you’re able to beg into control that have a little sheet of paper pinned into the breast, inscribed “I’m hungry.”

Condition, the career from the a road part, otherwise towards the control out-of a market path, frequently occupied of the a costermonger, or street vendor.

Updates PATTERERS, guys taking a stand on the fresh new suppress from a public thoroughfare, and send prepared speeches to help you feeling a-sale of any posts they need to vend.-Pick PATTERER .

STAG, a phrase used into the train mania so you can a beneficial speculator without capital, which got “scrip” in “Diddlesex Junction,” and other traces, ejus et sui generis, had the newest offers up to a premium, after which sold out

Celebrity This new GLAZE, to break the latest screen otherwise let you know glass away from an excellent jeweller otherwise almost every other tradesman, and take people beneficial content, and you can run away. Often the brand new glass is reduce with a great diamond, and you may a remove away from leather fastened to the little bit of glass cut to save it of falling inside and you will and then make an effective music. An alternative plan is to try to slice the sash.

Initiate, a going of any sort; “good rum Begin ,” an odd condition; “to obtain the Start of the a man,” you may anticipate him, overreach him.

Hide, to get rid of creating things, to avoid, be hushed, exit away from; “ Hide They , around, your sir!” we.e., getting silent, sir; supply over a smutty otherwise intemperate course of life is called STASHING It .

Stick, an excellent derogatory term for a person; “a great rum” otherwise “weird Stick ,” a curious guy. Far more fundamentally a good “worst Adhere .”-Provincial.

Rectangular, “to-be Rectangular having one,” as even with your, or even getting revenged; “so you’re able to Square up to a guy,” to offer to fight him

Stick, “cut your Adhere ,” getting regarding, or go away; possibly simply equal to an advice to arrange a taking walks personnel within the maturity to possess a journey-in allusion towards East customized out-of reducing an adhere just before aiming-or throughout the ancient means out-of reckoning because of the notches otherwise tallies for the an adhere. From inside the Cornwall the brand new peasantry tally sheaves from corn of the cuts into the a stick, reckoning from the rating. Cut your stick within this sense get imply while making their draw and you can spread-and thus realise this is of one’s phrase “ Throughout the NICK (or level) Of your energy .” Sir J. Emerson Tennent, during the Notes and you will Queries (December, 1859), takes into account the word equivalent to “reducing the partnership,” and you will suggests a possible supply from the prophets breaking the staves from “Beauty” and you can “Rings,”-vide Zech., xi., ten, 14.