Natalia Borodina: 5 Timely Facts You must know

Natalia Borodina: 5 Timely Facts You must know

Natalia Borodina have died once a horrific crash regarding the Dominican Republic. The fresh new thirty five-year-old mommy-of-you to definitely try hanging out of a car screen while on trips if auto had as well near the region of the path, according to Everyday Mail.

step 1. Borodina Are Topless because the She Installed Out the Window & She Struck Their particular At once a road Indication

Borodina appeared as if having a good time given that she rode in the Dominican Republic when you look at the a purple Kia. She was topless, playfully sucking on her digit, and you may hanging half their particular body from screen, enjoying the nice weather and also the fresh air.

While the car made the way down the street, they got as well near to a control and you can Borodina’s lead struck a road indication. It’s not sure how punctual the car is traveling during the the full time off perception.

2. The newest Crash Was Cera

As Borodina strung from window of your own car, their particular buddy, Ivanna, 32, shot their own having fun with a cell phone cam. The two female got operating returning to the resorts once a day on a beach near Punta Cana.

Regarding clips, Borodina is seen installing back again to the fresh new snap. Though it happens rapidly, you will find the point of perception. Borodina’s top half of slams into indication and you can anybody shall be read yelling (almost certainly Ivanna).

The latest video are printed to your LiveLeak features been viewed better over 1 million times. You can watch this new “not not harmful to works” videos on YouTube right here. This new video clips do consist of nudity that can feel distressing to a few because it shows whenever where Borodina gets in contact for the road sign.

3. The brand new Rider of your own Auto, Ivanna Boirachuk, Is actually Arrested by Cops

Pursuing the collision, police arrested this new rider of your own vehicles, Ivanna Boirachuk, who were traveling with Borodina and you may are the one who recorded her hanging outside of the car window.

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