37 Answers to “Exactly why are Italian Guys therefore Scary?”

37 Answers to “Exactly why are Italian Guys therefore Scary?”

I want to today tell you female out there the high quality strategy utilized by Italian guys, indeed extremely men that just need a single-night-stand, getting your in bed, that is password to have banging you if you are too naive to understand that.

To your an area notice, I have found it hilariously comedy when girls do not understand that is how it occurs if in case they make fun of within me personally when We tell them this is how might finish which have a person at the end of the night time. But, constantly, I am best.


I can give you 100 much more tales but most of them pursue comparable contours to the ones over. I have never discovered a team of men you to definitely constantly function in such a way therefore inappropriate because regarding Italian dudes.

If you’re traveling European countries and you’re a lady having any sort of care about-esteem, abstain from Italian men at all costs.

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