Everything you need to Know about Korean Marriage Traditions & Life

Everything you need to Know about Korean Marriage Traditions & Life

There is an area for the Los angeles entitled Koreatown. Actually, the greatest population out of Koreans outside of Korea is within Los Angeles. This means that, we’ve been an integral part of think dozens of Korean weddings and we are usually enamored because of the way of living. We have found a listing of our very own preferred.

An effective Korean relationships try a symbol of more than just the fresh new connection off two different people. The wedding is short for a couple family future together as a whole. Consequently, parents off one another families need effective involvement in lots of areas of the marriage. Parents don special clothing, provide and you may found carefully selected presents, and gives of several blessings with the bride and groom on the festivities.

Like almost every other countries, the total amount given may vary with regards to the social standing of your gift-giver in addition to their relationship to the newest bride and groom

Getting a classic Korean marriage, the fresh new bride and groom will don specific colors i want Handa girl for marriage. The latest bride to be commonly typically wear yellow plus the bridegroom commonly wear bluish so you can indicate new Confucian concept of yin and you will yang.

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