Martin Refuge, Texas

The Rio Grande Valley is well known amongst birders and wildlife photographers as a hot spot for a large variety of bird species, some of which are unique to this area. The Martin Refuge provides a secluded experience to photograph the unique fauna of the Rio Grand Valley in a 300 acre facility of thick brush habitat. [; John or Audrey Martin 956-381-1264]

Professionally designed photo blinds, amply accommodating several photographers, offer water features and feeders to help attract birds, mammals, reptiles and ‘critters’ into a closer proximity. Some of the blinds are ‘sunken’ giving the photographer an eye-level view of a subject. One blind is Raptor-specific and is a huge draw for Crested Caracaras and Harris Hawks. Blinds may also be chosen for morning or evening lighting preferences and have a variety of perches. The images chosen were obtained in a shoot during May of 2013.