India joins elite club on the Moon What are our plans? The Business Standar

India joins elite club on the Moon What are our plans? The Business Standard

About Fair Food & Lifestyle

The church congregation is doing great and getting more committed than ever before at church on Sunday and in home fellowships. At God’s Embassy as a way of reaching out to children we started an elementary Christian School. This year the enrollment has exceeded our expectations, we have two hundred and ten children enrolled in a Nursery section and Primary section up to grade three. Our goal is to train these children in the ways of the Lord along with their formal education.

  • We were blessed to have our visiting team give out some of the pigs to help fight poverty in Jesus name.
  • Alex committed his life to Christ and stopped being violent towards his family.
  • As a church, we are committed to raising leaders; we have meetings every Monday morning and Friday afternoons for mentorship and discipleship.
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  • Pastor Jim preached in Kasoroza, and Pastor Ray preached in Kikara.

The spirits tormented him and his children; one of his brothers had become mad. During one of our home visits, we met John and shared the Word of God with him.


For example there is a Museum, Bhashani’s Shrine, Janhobi High school, Solar Watch and a complex of old house belongs to Santosh region’s Zamindar. At present the university holds a total of about 2000 students and is making its way towards success and glory. Fair Food and Life Style (FFL) is a concern of Fair Group which is one of the fastest business conglomerates in Bangladesh. Today’s FFL was originated in 2008 with its initial identity as Fair Distribution Ltd which was a trading company of luxury items.

  • Before he was saved, Ronald was a drunkard and hopeless man who committed himself to nothing constructive.
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  • Roger is a boda-bodacyclist in Rukungiri, and through this business earns an income that sustains hisfamily.
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Her husband’s business is to make alcohol, and that is his primary source of income. Because of this fact, Benson ended up being a drunkard and gave less care to his family. Irene was introduced to the brewing business when she married her husband. But at the age of thirty-five, she gave her life to Christ and stopped brewing alcohol with her husband, which caused conflict between them. Irene prayed and persevered that God would be able to change her husband glory casino.

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The men’s fellowship came up with the idea of having a dinner for all the men in the community. They persuaded friends from many different religious backgrounds to attend and had a hundred and twenty men come to the event.

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We are praying that the Lord will touch his heart, and eventually, Elias will accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Margret testifies that Pastor Onesimus’ Bible teaching has helped her start saving and managing the rent on her house. She plans to open a grocery store to earn an income and pay the school fees for her daughter. Margret has joined the ushering team, and Evelyn has been attending church every Sunday with her. Our emphasis is on studying the Word, and carrying your Bible when you come to church on Sundays and fellowship on Wednesdays.

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We met her during our home visits and shared the Word of God with her. We invited her to church and she has been attending the services and home fellowship. We pray for her to come to an understanding of the grace of God and to finally surrender her life completely to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Many of these women who lead came to our church depressed, rejected, and lost without Christ, now I see them as ministers of the Gospel. It was a graceful service and a humbling moment to see how Jesus builds His Church.

We organized the crossover day and night prayer event towelcome in the new year at Rukungiri district stadium. Our intense efforts toinvite people to come were effective as more than five-thousand peopleattended. It was a memorable experience to hear thousands of people calling onthe name of the Lord while entering the new year. We give God the glory for being with us and blessing theentire experience from the start of organizing the event to its completion. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in whose name we live, move, and have our being.

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We were able to use some of the techniques we learned in the houses we visited and found the training we received made us more capable of sharing the Gospel. The training was called “Super Doc” training and was in the sound doctrine put in children’s version. Benison is the chairperson of the local council of the village of Kigina. He has been attending our Sunday morning men’s class and showing the desire to know more of the Word of God and how it affects various aspects of life.

  • He is a teacher by profession who has demonstrated a consistent spirit of prayer and love for the Word of God.
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  • Our biggest challenge is persecution from the religious communities.
  • We praise the Lord for the increasing number of people hearing the word of God preached and attending Sunday school.
  • We see God changing the lives of this family, even though Moses has not yet joined the church.

We schedule a day for intersession where the building is open for people to pray for personal life challenges, needs, ministries, and the church. Each Tuesday, the church is open for a maximum of seventy people, following the covid-19 guidelines. Ministers are available to help the members when they face challenges and need counseling and prayers.

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We can pray that the Lord will use them to bless His people. It was encouraging as a pastor to see where we started the church and see where we are now.

  • He’s now involved at the church, and the family is experiencing peace at home.
  • As a Pastor, nothing is more encouraging than seeing people soaked in the Word and asking questions.
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When wevisited her during our home visits, she was glad to see us and expressed thatshe enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the teaching of God’s Word during theconference. She was interested in attending a home fellowship, and we directedher to the nearest home group, the Nyaburonndo home fellowship. We are prayingthat Merab will fully surrender her life to Christ. Ronald is one of the young men we are seeing as a futureleader in ministry. He has a passion to serve young children and is committedto studying and reading the Word of God.

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Weshared with her about the gospel, and she received us well and promised to joinus soon. Fabis says she has been listening to the Word of God on the radioprogram and at church. We continued home visits in the Katobo community and stoppedat forty-six homes. We reached out to sixty-three men and seventy-eightfemales. This month we did a baptism of twenty-one people, the largest agegroup was the children of twelve years and over. Baptism is an outward publicsign of the complete and total commitment of their lives to our Lord JesusChrist.

  • We saw great unity and passion among the ministers as they worked hard to see success in this event.
  • We visited eighty-nine families and shared the Word of God with one-hundred and twenty-nine men and two-hundred-and-one women.
  • We had overnight prayers, and four people came to Christ.
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  • Our Sunday services are growing in attendance, and we have 150 adults each week.
  • We slowly started home fellowships with small groups, and now the government is allowing worship services with up to seventy adults.

We pray that as they keep coming and learning the Word of God, they will come to the point of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some examples of this transformation include Talent and Daphine, who have changed their bar business to food joints. When covid-19 first appeared, our country declared a lockdown, closing even the places of worship.

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The husband, Lauben, used to be attacked by demons and become unconscious. Apofia is his third wife; the other two left Lauben due to this situation. Instead, she shared the situation with the fellowship, and they prayed for Lauben to be delivered.

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The grace of God has transformed Ronald into a born-again believer and active member in the Kagashe home fellowship. Before he was saved, Ronald was a drunkard and hopeless man who committed himself to nothing constructive.

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1xBet download PC version from the official site of BM is completely free. Our focus is on constantly improving the experience for our customers – this is what drives us to break the mould with unique apps, promotions and features. An online gaming and betting operator envied for our creativity and agility, we’re always upping our game. In the footsteps of Jesus, we are reaching out to the community. Last year we received funds from White Fields to build a home for a homeless widow. It was a great witness to the community, and some people from that community wondered why the Church would build a house for the homeless?

  • Some people are challenged by the lockdown and struggling with their faith.
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  • The students are educated in such a way, that they would also have knowledge on life history of Mawlana Bhashani and his social & political activities, ethics.
  • Elias was working in Kampala to earn a living, and when he returned, he joined the fellowship, and we shared the Word of God.
  • The people thereare below the poverty level, and many have only old and worn-out clothes.

She testifies that God is changing the lives of her children. Her son was once a thief, but he is no longer stealing after coming to Jesus and learning how to pray. Her prayer request is that all of her children will know Christ and give their lives to Him. Apart from the welcome bonus, the games offered by the game providers are very exciting. We therefore advise you to quickly register on the platform in order to take advantage of one of the welcome bonuses offered. We have made some strides at God’s Embassy, especially in the area of reaching children.

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Annah thanks the Lord for God’s Embassy Ministries where she gets to serve the Lord and the people. Her main prayer request is that God gives her the strength to work more so she can renovate her house and support her children in school. Godfrey was an alcoholic that spent most of his money on prostitutes.

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He was saved and is attending the fellowship plus the Sunday services in Katobo with his wife and children. He slowly stopped selling alcohol, and he no longer has any remaining in his shop.

  • When we visit his home, he graciously invites the team inside, so they can share God’s Word and pray with him.
  • Rachel serves as an usher and has also received a pig as part of the piggery project while Henry drives a boda-boda taxi.
  • God’s Embassy trained five people who are now ready to begin tank construction.
  • The family’s prayer request is that they may grow in the Lord and someday own a piece of land and build a house large enough for their entire family.
  • The university started out with 20 professors, 161 students (of which 5 were female) and six departments—Bengali, English, History, Law, Philosophy and Economics.
  • Pray with us that the Holy Spirit will convict them of their sin and bring them to salvation.

We visited 26 homes who were among the poorest and neediest, on the final day of food distribution 39 families came to the property which we also gave food. We distributed 260 kilograms of posho and 130 kilograms of beans. The children came with their parents, and the families thanked God for the love we demonstrated to them through God’s Embassy Church. They told us they are looking forward to when we will start a church in their community. This month was a month of great success, and we saw God do great things for His people. The saints received donated seeds that they will plant, and the new Graceland Academy classrooms were finished.

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He invited us to his home, and we have been visiting him and sharing the gospel with him. We believe God will continue to work in his heart until he surrenders of his life to Christ as his Lord and Savior. We shared the Word of God with her, and she told us that she was an Anglican. We prayed with her, and she promised that she would visit us. She has been coming to our church and listening to the Word of God for the last three weeks.

  • This is the premier university in Bangladesh to have online subscription of world renowned journals.
  • He is committed to learning the word of God, and his life has not remained the same.
  • We give opportunities for believers to lead the fellowship and church services.
  • He is a porter on a farm, and His prayer request is that the Lord will protect him and his family and keep them growing in the Bible.

For example, we have used skits to dramatize the David and Goliath story, with the teacher’s explanation. Our curriculum is based on the Bible stories and lessons for life application. The classes are more fun for them, and they enjoy being at church.

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In our visit to Bunyiya cell, it is one of the cells about 2km from Church. Our prayer is that we will reach out in the love of Jesus to touch and present the Gospel. Among the challenges facing this cell is that they don’t have enough water sources. The whole community has one spring water source and to access it the people must pay $0.60 per month.

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Nicolaus is married to Scovia, and the Lord has blessed them with two children, Blessed and Marvelous. He is a porter on a farm, and His prayer request is that the Lord will protect him and his family and keep them growing in the Bible. There has been a manifestation of God working through the new evangelism method of preaching the Gospel through Bible storytelling. The church members have experienced warm welcome into the homes in the surrounding communities of Katobo. The people have shown great interest in listening to these stories, and many community members have been encouraged to come and attend our fellowships and church services with us. We bring greetings to our friends and partners who have stood with us through prayers and financial support.