18th Century Mail-order Brides or Vampire Smugglers: The story of one’s Casket Girls

18th Century Mail-order Brides or Vampire Smugglers: The story of one’s Casket Girls

Anne Grain accounts for and also make The latest Orleans the latest vampire funding around the world. This difference formerly belonged to Transylvania, domestic regarding Amount Dracula, the new titular main character of Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic horror antique. The Orleans comes with a supposedly real vampire story one to schedules back way in advance of Rice’s novels strike bookstore cupboards. The storyline of your Casket Girls of brand new Orleans extends back so you’re able to colonial moments and beginning of one’s town.

In one type of the story, after the nuns place the girls’ caskets to the third flooring, brand new nuns ran upstairs at another time to obtain you to definitely brand new caskets have been empty

In early 18th century, France colonized parts of United states, and newest-day Canada also Louisiana. The brand new colonists was in fact mostly male therefore the governors of one’s French colonies were worried. No French feminine up to, French Catholic guys had been embracing pagan Indigenous American feminine to possess company. On the eyes of your own eighteenth-century governor, these types of guys was indeed flipping of the trust.

Louisiana governor, Jean Baptiste Ce Moyne de Bienville, sent a letter to Queen Louis XIV asking that more youthful pious, virtuous, and you may marriageable female be taken to the latest colony. For the 1728, a group of ladies and you will girls arrived in This new Orleans on board this new Los angeles Nouvelle Orleans. This type of female became labeled as Filles a la Cassette which became “Casket Girls.” The phrase casket got a much various other meaning after that: a good cassette or casket was in fact chests or luggage to save residential property. When they started to accept into the colony, the ladies just weren’t as well pleased with their brand new existence.

If male colonists saw the women, it remarked exactly how soft these were. The women have been very pale one to its skin burned and you can blistered in the sun.

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