The latest Queen mother plus got judicial responsibilities

The latest Queen mother plus got judicial responsibilities

She’s her very own separate judge within her castle where she are assisted because of the women counselors and you can functionaries. She hears all the judicial instances within sacred oaths of one’s county and contains independent jurisdiction over all domestic issues affecting women and you may members of the fresh new regal family unit members. At times, male litigants you’ll connect with provides the municipal cases transported out-of king’s legal to the queen mom’s judge. If the she accepts her or him, up coming their particular wisdom was final.

Since the Queen-mother, this woman is responsible for female governance, and you will lead feminine with her to help you, such as, brush this new community. She did very important rituals into people and try introduce during the important ceremonies instance funerals. It had been the Queen mother who performed the initiation rites; as well as young women had to be taken to brand new queen mommy once they already been menstruating. In place of lots of women, the Queen mother married enjoys directly to provides situations which have men on empire.

The Iyalode, for instance the male chiefs of Yorubaland, was a chief within her correct. She had her own special insignia from office and that contains a beneficial necklace of unique beads, wide brimmed straw caps, and you will a good shawl. The newest Iyalode got her very own personal servants, special drummers, and you may bell ringers to call the ladies of your own empire to desire

The newest Iyalode identity try all-embracing. She gotten legislation overall feminine. She received new name Eiyelobinrin, “mother of all of the feminine.” The brand new Iyadole is this new chose affiliate of all of the feminine. Her updates are reached, not handed down.

The Iyalode place of work try an elective place of work that had having stamp away from common recognition.

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